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With the social media revolution, the firm's tactics now include book promotion, publicity and marketing  in new media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest and more.

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Monday, February 1, 2016

The Murder That Never Was: A Forensic Instincts Novel - New from Bestselling Author Andrea Kane

Publicity Contact: Susannah Greenberg, Susannah Greenberg Public Relations, 646-801-7477, publicity@bookbuzz.com


ATTN: Book Review Editor / Fiction/ Thriller/ Crime/ Suspense

New from New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling Author Andrea Kane, the Latest Installment in the Forensic Instincts Series

The Murder That Never Was:
A Forensic Instincts Novel
Andrea Kane
Bonnie Meadow Publishing (Bookmasters, dist.), $24.95 Hardcover (384 p), ISBN-13:  978-1-68232-000-6. Publication date: May 17, 2016

SYNOPSIS: A 16-year-old female gymnast's dream of Olympic gold is shattered when the “supplement” she has been taking turns out to be a designer performance enhancing drug (PED).  In a twisting tale of medical research gone awry, bodies are piling up between Chicago, New Jersey, and Vermont as a megalomaniacal genius will stop at nothing to eradicate the research error and everyone involved… particularly Forensic Instincts.

read an excerpt

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Andrea Kane’s psychological thriller THE GIRL WHO DISAPPEARED TWICE became an instant New York Times bestseller, the latest in a long string of smash hits. THE MURDER THAT NEVER WAS is the fifth and next exhilarating installment in the Forensic Instincts series. With a worldwide following and novels published in over twenty languages, Kane is also the author of eight romantic thrillers and fourteen historical romances. She lives in New Jersey with her family.  

Reviews for Previous Books by Andrea Kane:

“Kane is an adroit master at suspense, and keeps the reader guessing to the very end.” -Booklist

"Andrea Kane sets new standards for suspense."  -Lisa Gardner, New York Times bestselling author
"Andrea Kane burst onto the thriller scene with the force of a wrecking ball. The Stranger You Know now establishes her as one of the very best." -Michael Palmer, New York Times bestselling author
"The perfect blend of high-stakes action and gut-wrenching psychological suspense." -Iris Johansen, New York Times bestselling author
"Smooth prose and engaging characters." -Publishers Weekly on The Girl Who Disappeared Twice
"A truly great story that will have everyone looking forward to even more Forensic Instincts books. Keep them coming!" -Suspense magazine on The Stranger You Know
"Andrea Kane always hits home with edgy suspense, action and deep psychological tension. Characters come to life on her pages and you keep reading because you just can't stop!" -New York Times bestselling author Heather Graham
“Andrea Kane delivers the kind of tension that will rev up your pulse.”  - Jayne Ann Krentz

Previous books by Andrea Kane include:

New York Times Bestsellers:
The Girl Who Disappeared Twice  (Forensic Instincts); No Way Out; Run For Your Life

Wall Street Journal Bestsellers: Drawn in Blood

The Forensic Instincts Series Includes (in publication order):
The Girl Who Disappeared Twice; The Line Between Here and Gone; The Stranger You Know;  The Silence That Speaks; The Murder That Never Was (forthcoming May 2016)

Title: The Murder That Never Was
Subtitle: A Forensic Instincts Novel
Author: Andrea Kane
Format: Hardcover
ISBN-13: 978-1-68232-000-6
ISBN-10: 1-68232-000-6
Price: $24.95(US) / $27.95 (CAN)
eBook: 978-1-68232-001-3
Kindle: 978-1-68232-002-0
ePDF: 978-1-68232-003-7
ebook Price: $9.99
Trim: 6x9 // Page Count: 384
LCCN: 2015954525
Publication Date: May 2016
BISAC Categories: Fiction/Thriller/Crime Fiction/Thriller/Suspense
Rights: World
Ship Date: May 2016
On Sale Date: May 17, 2016
Published by Bonnie Meadow Publishing, LLC. Distributed to the trade by Bookmasters

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

City Girl Who Loves to Read: Leta Serafim - When the Devil's Idle - Review & Gi...

City Girl Who Loves to Read: Leta Serafim - When the Devil's Idle - Review & Giveaway:

About the Book

In the Book of Revelation, written by St. John on the Greek island of Patmos, it was said a pale horse would appear whose rider was death, others would cry out for vengeance, and the stars of heaven would fall to the earth. Death does indeed come to Patmos when a German tourist is found murdered in the garden of one of the island’s fabled estates. Yiannis Patronas, Chief Officer of the Chios police, is called in to investigate. He summons his top detective, Giorgos Tembelos, and his friend and amateur sleuth, Papa Michalis, to assist him. What the policemen discover will disturb them long after the conclusion of the case. Only six people were at the house at the time of the murder—the gardener and housekeeper, the victim’s son and his wife and their two children, a boy of seven and a teenage girl of sixteen. All appear to be innocent. But access to the isolated estate is severely restricted. Surrounded by high walls, it has only one entrance: a metal gate that was bolted at the time of the crime. Patronas can only conclude that one of the six is a killer. He continues to probe, uncovering the family’s many secrets. Some are very old, others more recent. All are horrifying. But which of these secrets led to murder? Book 2 of the Greek Islands Mystery series, which began with The Devil Takes Half.

When the Devil's Idle can be purchased at:
Barnes and Noble

Formats: $6.95 ebook, $13.95 paperback
Genre: Mystery Suspense Thriller
Pages: 192
Release: September 1, 2015
Publisher: Coffeetown Press
ISBN: 9781603819985
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Interested media may contact:

Monday, September 28, 2015

US Debut of Canadian Writer and Comedian, Broadly Editor-At-Large, and New Yorker Contributor - Monica Heisey

CONTACT: Susannah Greenberg, publicity@bookbuzz.com, 646-801-7477
ATTENTION: Editor, Producer, Booker
SUBJECTS: Writer and Comedian Monica Heisey, Broadly editor-at-large, New Yorker contributor, Author Interview, Women’s, Humor, Comedy, Books
AVAILABILITY: Skype, phone, email, travel by arrangement. NYC and environs - October 4-10, 2015 and other dates to be announced.

"It is the only humor book I ever want to own. 
It made me keel over with laughter."
— Lena Dunham

"Monica Heisey makes me laugh hard and often."
— Rob Delaney

Heisey book jacket.jpgMonica Heisey (Writer/Actor)

I Can't Believe It's Not Better: A Woman's Guide to Coping With Life

by Monica Heisey (Author)

MONICA HEISEY @monicaheisey is a writer and comedian from Toronto, a contributor to The New Yorker and editor-at-large for Broadly, VICE's new women's interest vertical. Her writing has appeared in VICE, Playboy, The Cut, The Hairpin, The Toast, The Guardian, and many other print and web-based publications.

I Can't Believe It's Not Better is a collection of stories, essays, advice, and drawings from writer and comedian Monica Heisey. Created to help you live your Best Life, this book offers tips on everything from workplace politics to sexting, from how to make your apartment look like you read design blogs to where to cry in public. Important guides like "How To Watch Literally Hours of TV At A Time" will help you sort your life out for good, while thought—provoking personal essays such as "Pizzas I Have Loved" and helpful exercises like "Are You Being Flirted With, A Quiz" provide some gravitas and perspective to help you navigate this modern world. Plus there is a very weird short story about bees.
Funny, smart and charming, this book is the perfect accompaniment to your next life crisis, or at least an easy and appropriate gift for the niece you don't know very well but want to impress.
“Monica Heisey’s book is a perfect entry into my favorite genre: books of dubious advice. It is the only humor book I ever want to own and it made me keel over with laughter and recognition. From how to eat to what to wear to who to screw, Monica attempts to offer solutions but instead reveals more about her own unique pathos— and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I truly wish she could be America’s poet laureate. Too bad she’s Canadian :(” - Lena Dunham, Not That Kind Of Girl
“Monica Heisey makes me laugh hard and often. We could dissect her to find out why she’s so funny but that would mean she’d be dead. I say ‘No’ to that idea. But I say ‘Ha ha’ to Monica. Often.” - Rob Delaney,Rob Delaney: Mother. Wife. Sister. Human. Warrior. Falcon. Yardstick. Turban. Cabbage.
“I’m fully convinced Monica Heisey was put on this earth to make me laugh and should be allowed to stay. With this book she more than earns her keep. Charming, original and entirely hilarious—Monica is about to become your new funny best friend.” - Tabatha Southey, Globe and Mail
“Monica Heisey is the funniest woman in America, which is amazing because she lives in Canada.”- Jazmine Hughes, The Hairpin
“Discovering Monica Heisey’s work was like going to a party alone, spotting a stranger girl in a Bart Simpson T-shirt and a devastating ponytail by the donuts table, thinking, “Oh, thank God—my friend is here,” and knocking over every single Solo cup in that piece as you barge over with your hand outstretched. She makes a less-than-gentle and kind world seem camaraderie-stuffed and loving, and she’s funny as fuck, too. Get this book inside your life.“ - Amy Rose Spiegel, Rookie

“Monica Heisey’s writing is clever, funny, and pointed, and I love how evidently and sincerely she cares about all her book’s subjects, be they big (female friendship) or small (chip dips). Prepare to be moved to tears by her ode to cheese and her love letter to pizza.” - Katie Heaney, Buzzfeed / Never Have I Ever: my life (so far) without a date

Friday, August 21, 2015

My Magical Palace by Kunal Mukherjee - A Lyrical Tale of a Boy's Coming of Age - originally published by HarperCollins India


A Novel by Kunal Mukherjee

A lyrical tale of a boy’s coming of age

Literary Fiction
Gay Fiction
Indian Fiction

Originally published by HarperCollins India

"The book evolved ... from a story of loss to a complex and multi-layered themes of love, loss, forbidden love ... breaking the rules to follow your heart." Times of India

"A sensitive read that gathers steam as you turn the pages, this book goes beyond being 'gay' literature--rather it's a study of eternal dilemmas that defy boundaries." - HarmonyIndia.org

backad My Magical Palace.jpg

The protagonist Rahul has a forbidden crush on Bollywood film star Rajesh Khanna and the song he sings "Oh Queen of my dreams when will you come to me?" with Sharmila Tagore in the movie Aradhana (devotion with heart and soul). 




Kunal Mukherjee is a San Francisco based poet and writer. Originally from West Bengal, he was raised in Hyderabad, India. He holds a Master's degree in Physics, has done postgraduate work in Energy Studies and has worked as a restaurateur and a manager of information technology. His passions include acting, painting, singing, music, travel, the environment and all animals. Kunal's work has appeared in Tehelka Magazine, India Currents, Hot Flashes: Sexy Little Stories and Poems and Hot Flashes 2. My Magical Palace, published by HarperCollins (India) is his first novel and he is currently working on a screenplay for the same and also on his second novel, which is set in San Francisco and Bollywood. My Magical Palace has received wide coverage from Indian and international press.

Connect with Kunal at www.kunalmukherjee.com to read about his creative works.

"My purpose in writing this novel was to make the reader think and relate to the characters regardless of their circumstances. I hope this book will be read by people from all walks of life and that it will touch their heart in some way manifesting itself in the way they deal with children, friends, and even strangers."
From an interview with Kunal Mukherjee in the Bengal Post

"If the moral ... "to follow one's heart, one has to break the rules sometimes" -- sounds a little sentimental, well, it is; but then, sentimentality -- even innocence -- runs through Mukherjee's first novel ,.. remember The God of Small Things? " -  Hindustan Times

My Magical Palace by Kunal Mukherjee

MEDIA CONTACT: Interested media may contact Susannah Greenberg, Susannah Greenberg Public Relations,

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Book News: Frenetic Mystery Set in Crime-Ridden Streets of New York City in 1975

News in Books: 

Drop Dead Punk:

A Coleridge Taylor Mystery

by Rich Zahradnik

Published by Camel Press
August, $14.95 trade paper (256p) ISBN 978-1-60381-209-2

"The New York City financial crisis of 1975 provides the dramatic backdrop for Zahradnik's frenetic sequel to 2014's Last Words... Taylor, who lives for the big story, makes an appealingly single-minded hero."
Publishers Weekly, June 22, 2015

"The release of Drop Dead Punk coincides with the 40th anniversary of the financial crisis—a good time to remind the public how close NYC came to disaster and how badly it had deteriorated at that time,” says journalist turned mystery author Rich Zahradnik.

Coleridge Taylor is searching for his next scoop on the police beat. The Messenger-Telegram reporter has a lot to choose from on the crime-ridden streets of New York City in 1975. One story outside his beat is grabbing all the front page glory: New York teeters on the brink of bankruptcy, and President Ford just told the city, as the Daily News so aptly puts it, “Drop Dead.” Taylor’s situation is nearly as desperate. His home is a borrowed dry-docked houseboat, his newspaper may also be on the way out, and his drunk father keeps getting arrested.
A source sends Taylor down to Alphabet City, hang-out of the punks who gravitate to the rock club CBGB. There he finds the bloody fallout from a mugging. Two dead bodies: a punk named Johnny Mort and a cop named Robert Dodd. Each looks too messed up to have killed the other. Taylor starts asking around. The punk was a good kid, the peace-loving guardian angel of the neighborhood’s stray dogs. What led him to mug a woman at gunpoint? And why is Officer Samantha Callahan being accused of leaving her partner to die, even though she insists the police radio misled her? It’s hard enough being a female in the NYPD only five years after women were assigned to patrol. Now the department wants to throw her to the wolves. That’s not going to happen, not if Taylor can help it. As he falls for Samantha—a beautiful, dedicated second-generation cop—he realizes he’s too close to his story. Officer Callahan is a target, and Taylor’s standing between her and some mighty big guns.
Drop Dead Punk is book 2 in the Coleridge Taylor Mystery series.
Says Zahradnik, “When I wrote the first Coleridge Taylor novel, I touched on the pending New York City financial crisis. I wanted to set the next book during the critical weeks when the city almost collapsed—a period kicked off with the now famous Daily News headline ‘Ford to City: Drop Dead.’ Taylor being Taylor, he remains obsessively focused on his next crime story, a double murder with one of the victims a cop. He thinks the city will survive no matter what. Eventually he realizes the financial disaster could impact him in a big and personal way. It may even be wound up in the crime he’s trying to solve. Sometimes not even journalists are aware of the historical importance of events as they unfold. The release of Drop Dead Punk coincides with the 40th anniversary of the financial crisis—a good time to remind the public how close NYC came to disaster and how badly it had deteriorated at that time.”
Rich Zahradnik is the author of the Coleridge Taylor Mystery series from Camel Press. Last Words is the first novel in the series and was published Oct. 1, 2014.   Last Words, now available in paperback and all ebook formats, won honorable mention for mystery in Foreword Reviews' IndieFab Book of the Year Awards. Drop Dead Punk will come out Aug. 15. He was a journalist for 30-plus years, working as a reporter and editor in all major news media.  He held editorial positions at CNN, Bloomberg News, Fox Business Network, AOL and The Hollywood Reporter.

In January 2012, he was one of 20 writers selected for the inaugural class of the Crime Fiction Academy, a first-of-its-kind program run by New York's Center for Fiction.

Zahradnik was born in Poughkeepsie, New York, in 1960 and received his B.A. in journalism and political science from George Washington University. He lives with his wife Sheri and son Patrick in Pelham, New York, where writes fiction and teaches elementary school kids how to publish newspapers.

For further information: 

Media Contact: Susannah Greenberg, Public Relations, 646-801-7477, publicity@bookbuzz.com