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Friday, August 21, 2015

My Magical Palace by Kunal Mukherjee - A Lyrical Tale of a Boy's Coming of Age - originally published by HarperCollins India


A Novel by Kunal Mukherjee

A lyrical tale of a boy’s coming of age

Literary Fiction
Gay Fiction
Indian Fiction

Originally published by HarperCollins India

"The book evolved ... from a story of loss to a complex and multi-layered themes of love, loss, forbidden love ... breaking the rules to follow your heart." Times of India

"A sensitive read that gathers steam as you turn the pages, this book goes beyond being 'gay' literature--rather it's a study of eternal dilemmas that defy boundaries." - HarmonyIndia.org

backad My Magical Palace.jpg

The protagonist Rahul has a forbidden crush on Bollywood film star Rajesh Khanna and the song he sings "Oh Queen of my dreams when will you come to me?" with Sharmila Tagore in the movie Aradhana (devotion with heart and soul). 




Kunal Mukherjee is a San Francisco based poet and writer. Originally from West Bengal, he was raised in Hyderabad, India. He holds a Master's degree in Physics, has done postgraduate work in Energy Studies and has worked as a restaurateur and a manager of information technology. His passions include acting, painting, singing, music, travel, the environment and all animals. Kunal's work has appeared in Tehelka Magazine, India Currents, Hot Flashes: Sexy Little Stories and Poems and Hot Flashes 2. My Magical Palace, published by HarperCollins (India) is his first novel and he is currently working on a screenplay for the same and also on his second novel, which is set in San Francisco and Bollywood. My Magical Palace has received wide coverage from Indian and international press.

Connect with Kunal at www.kunalmukherjee.com to read about his creative works.

"My purpose in writing this novel was to make the reader think and relate to the characters regardless of their circumstances. I hope this book will be read by people from all walks of life and that it will touch their heart in some way manifesting itself in the way they deal with children, friends, and even strangers."
From an interview with Kunal Mukherjee in the Bengal Post

"If the moral ... "to follow one's heart, one has to break the rules sometimes" -- sounds a little sentimental, well, it is; but then, sentimentality -- even innocence -- runs through Mukherjee's first novel ,.. remember The God of Small Things? " -  Hindustan Times

My Magical Palace by Kunal Mukherjee

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Book News: Frenetic Mystery Set in Crime-Ridden Streets of New York City in 1975

News in Books: 

Drop Dead Punk:

A Coleridge Taylor Mystery

by Rich Zahradnik

Published by Camel Press
August, $14.95 trade paper (256p) ISBN 978-1-60381-209-2

"The New York City financial crisis of 1975 provides the dramatic backdrop for Zahradnik's frenetic sequel to 2014's Last Words... Taylor, who lives for the big story, makes an appealingly single-minded hero."
Publishers Weekly, June 22, 2015

"The release of Drop Dead Punk coincides with the 40th anniversary of the financial crisis—a good time to remind the public how close NYC came to disaster and how badly it had deteriorated at that time,” says journalist turned mystery author Rich Zahradnik.

Coleridge Taylor is searching for his next scoop on the police beat. The Messenger-Telegram reporter has a lot to choose from on the crime-ridden streets of New York City in 1975. One story outside his beat is grabbing all the front page glory: New York teeters on the brink of bankruptcy, and President Ford just told the city, as the Daily News so aptly puts it, “Drop Dead.” Taylor’s situation is nearly as desperate. His home is a borrowed dry-docked houseboat, his newspaper may also be on the way out, and his drunk father keeps getting arrested.
A source sends Taylor down to Alphabet City, hang-out of the punks who gravitate to the rock club CBGB. There he finds the bloody fallout from a mugging. Two dead bodies: a punk named Johnny Mort and a cop named Robert Dodd. Each looks too messed up to have killed the other. Taylor starts asking around. The punk was a good kid, the peace-loving guardian angel of the neighborhood’s stray dogs. What led him to mug a woman at gunpoint? And why is Officer Samantha Callahan being accused of leaving her partner to die, even though she insists the police radio misled her? It’s hard enough being a female in the NYPD only five years after women were assigned to patrol. Now the department wants to throw her to the wolves. That’s not going to happen, not if Taylor can help it. As he falls for Samantha—a beautiful, dedicated second-generation cop—he realizes he’s too close to his story. Officer Callahan is a target, and Taylor’s standing between her and some mighty big guns.
Drop Dead Punk is book 2 in the Coleridge Taylor Mystery series.
Says Zahradnik, “When I wrote the first Coleridge Taylor novel, I touched on the pending New York City financial crisis. I wanted to set the next book during the critical weeks when the city almost collapsed—a period kicked off with the now famous Daily News headline ‘Ford to City: Drop Dead.’ Taylor being Taylor, he remains obsessively focused on his next crime story, a double murder with one of the victims a cop. He thinks the city will survive no matter what. Eventually he realizes the financial disaster could impact him in a big and personal way. It may even be wound up in the crime he’s trying to solve. Sometimes not even journalists are aware of the historical importance of events as they unfold. The release of Drop Dead Punk coincides with the 40th anniversary of the financial crisis—a good time to remind the public how close NYC came to disaster and how badly it had deteriorated at that time.”
Rich Zahradnik is the author of the Coleridge Taylor Mystery series from Camel Press. Last Words is the first novel in the series and was published Oct. 1, 2014.   Last Words, now available in paperback and all ebook formats, won honorable mention for mystery in Foreword Reviews' IndieFab Book of the Year Awards. Drop Dead Punk will come out Aug. 15. He was a journalist for 30-plus years, working as a reporter and editor in all major news media.  He held editorial positions at CNN, Bloomberg News, Fox Business Network, AOL and The Hollywood Reporter.

In January 2012, he was one of 20 writers selected for the inaugural class of the Crime Fiction Academy, a first-of-its-kind program run by New York's Center for Fiction.

Zahradnik was born in Poughkeepsie, New York, in 1960 and received his B.A. in journalism and political science from George Washington University. He lives with his wife Sheri and son Patrick in Pelham, New York, where writes fiction and teaches elementary school kids how to publish newspapers.

For further information: 

Media Contact: Susannah Greenberg, Public Relations, 646-801-7477, publicity@bookbuzz.com


Friday, May 22, 2015

Children's Book News; 'Nap Time Fairies' An Enchanting Bedtime Story


Nap Time Fairies

Jenifer Johnson (Author) 

Barbara Morgan (Illustrator)

Published by Pocketwatch Tales

As a working mom of a small boy named Noah, Jenifer Johnson wanted to be there to see each smile, watch him grow and explore with him. She missed Noah every minute she was away, imagining him and his daily routines. So she invented "The Nap Fairies" and would tell her son this story during their times together. She imagined the Fairies making the journey for her and watching over him. During their times apart, she was sending him "love, laughter and my heart ever after." It was a natural next step to turn to her own mother Barbara Morgan, a gifted artist, when she decided to create this book. Both author and illustrator knew how children can grow anxious at bedtime and they wanted to give them a sense of comfort. Now Nap Time Fairies provides parents a lovely way of connecting with their children whenever they're apart-as well as when they're together. Nap Time Fairies is sure to become a favorite bedtime story for families everywhere.

“The artwork is stunningly beautiful, meshing perfectly with the soft soothing tale. I was transported back in time to the world of John Tenniel and a time gone by with this wondrous work. This is definitely a book well worth placing on a little boy or girl’s nightstand.

This is the perfect nap time tale that will transport any little one into slumber-land with the help of the Nap Time Fairies!”
Feathered Quill Book Reviews

About the Author: Jenifer Johnson grew up in a small town nestled along the East Bay of California. She spent her days finding sunken treasures and traveling to far away islands, without ever leaving the backyard. She knew writing was her passion and immersed herself in creative writing classes at Diablo Valley College. 

She went on to graduate from California State University of Hayward with a BA in communications. Although her career took her down a different path, she never quit writing short stories. When she had her first child, she found her muse and created what will be the first of many stories. Jenifer currently lives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina with her two children.

About the Illustrator: Barbara Morgan studied at the Art Academy of San Francisco, where she developed an interest in zinc plate etching and the process of aquatint. Her pen-and-ink style has been developing since childhood. Barbara lives, with her husband, in Wilmington, Delaware. Author Jenifer Johnson is the youngest of her three children, and they already are at work on their next children’s book, The Gypsy Magician.

CONNECT: Facebook

Product Details
  • Hardcover: 26 pages
  • Publisher: Pocketwatch Tales (November 25, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0988359928
  • ISBN-13: 978-0988359925
  • Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.2 x 8.5 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 10.4 ounces

Pocketwatch Tales logo image.jpg

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New Book Explores The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang:

Modern Myth or Science?

THE BIG BANG is modern myth. It never occurred. It, and much of current science (particle physics) is but today’s version of the Biblical Creation and Fall. In his new book, The Hunger For More: God, Gravity and The Big Bang, by Peter Strassberg, MD, (Publisher: Full Court Press), Dr. Strassberg takes us on a journey—a voyage of understanding. By opening a portal to a different dimension, the book leaves the reader with a deeper insight into our world and the forces that shape it. The Hunger For More is an excursion into the realm of the very small (the quantum world of atoms and particles) and the exceedingly large—the universe with its awesome structure. As we travel, it allows us to make sense of what to Einstein was “spooky” action at a distance, and helps us to unravel the ever-perplexing wave–particle enigma. It shows dark energy to be an illusion, inflation to be, essentially, infinitely impossible, and cosmic microwave background radiation (the supposed glue holding the Big Bang together) to be fundamentally misunderstood. It explores the concepts of force and time, finding an underlying essence—to those of science, gravity; to those of faith, God. It is an exciting adventure well worth taking.

Peter Strassberg, M.D., is a practicing physician in the New York Metropolitan Area. He and his wife Elaine, are the parents of four grown daughters and happily deal with eight rambunctious grandchildren. His previous book -- The One Hundred Year Diet -- grew from an interest in preventing obesity and its many associated heart and vascular problems.

The Hunger for More is an attempt to comprehend the fundamental elements that define our wold. It is written as a narrative, and is quite informative and entertaining to follow. It leads the reader down an intriguing and enlightening path of new and unusual discovery.

Dr. Strassberg is available for interviews nationwide by telephone, and in the New York Metropolitan area.

Dr. Strassberg can discuss:

1. Why is the Big Bang a myth? This is contrary to accepted scientific thinking. Explain.
2. What books, authors, scientists, or others were important to your thought processes for this book, served as inspiration, or sparked your inspiration?
3. The title of your book is The Hunger for More: God, Gravity and the Big Bang. The book is not just about the Big Bang but about spirituality and belief. Explain what you mean and expand upon the meaning of the book title: The Hunger for More.

An Interview with Dr. Strassberg About His Book

(Kindle and Paperback editions)

Contact: publicity@bookbuzz.com


Monday, December 15, 2014

Hanukkah Reading: Jewish Themed Short Story by Acclaimed Writer Holocaust Survivor Bernard Otterman

December 16 is the First Night of the Jewish Holiday of Hanukkah

OLD WESTBURY, NY (SGPR - December 15, 2014)  In honor of the Hanukkah holiday. adult readers may wish to read a Jewish themed literary gem, "The Golem of Auschwitz," a short story by Bernard Otterman, Holocaust Survivor and Author of INMATE 1818 and Other Stories on the author's web site at www.bernardotterman.com


Bernard Otterman’s Inmate #1818 and Other Stories 

The story of a young child in a labor camp, based on his personal experience as a Holocaust Survivor in labor camps during WWII.

Dr. Bernard Otterman was born in Lodz, Poland, in 1937. At the age of three, he and his parents escaped Lodz and fled to Warsaw by moving from ghetto to ghetto, only to be interned in several labor camps. Separated from his father, Bernard and his mother escaped the train line headed for Auschwitz, fled, and hid for six months as fugitives in the Polish countryside until Russian troops liberated Poland in January 1945. His father was first sent by train to Auschwitz, then immediately moved to a work camp in Germany. He also survived, and the family was reunited in Lodz in September 1945 through displaced persons listings. They lived in Germany until coming to the United States in 1951.

Otterman trained in engineering, earned a PhD in the natural sciences, and for many years was on the engineering faculty at Northeastern and Hofstra Universities. For more than a decade he worked and reworked the stories in his anthology, which was based on historical fact. Dr. Otterman’s poems have been published in such venues as Poetry, Jewish Currents, and other journals and compendia. Currently he is completing a novel centered on the life and death of journalist and novelist Arthur Koestler.

The release of Inmate 1818 and Other Stories, (Liber Novus Press, Old Westbury, NY, 2014) a collection of twelve short stories inspired by the Holocaust and its aftermath, marks a new milestone for a celebrated writer with an unusual skill and vision. Bernard Otterman's stories are set in the ghettos and camps of World War II and in the difficult days following Hitler's war against the Jews. The Shoah defines the lives of all characters in the stories -- survivors as well as their children. In the title story, "Inmate 1818," a young boy is smuggled into a labor camp and befriended by an eccentric teenager with a love for astronomy, who gives the boy a gift that saves his life. In "Golem of Auschwitz," a survivor is haunted by the memory of the golem, a mythical creature drawn from Jewish folklore, that he and a Rabbi's son created while in captivity.  And in "Black Grass, " the author turns to the rich tradition of magical realism to respond to the phenomenon of the Holocaust, where the darkness born by this tragedy slowly envelops the world.

November 6, 2014  at Queens College, Queens, NY:

BERNARD OTTERMAN is a Holocaust survivor born in Lodz, Poland whose award-winning short stories and poems and have appeared in New Millennium Writing, World/Slovo, Poetry, and Jewish Currents. Inmate 1818 and Other Stories is Otterman's third published collection of Holocaust-related short fiction.

For New York Times article "Birth of a Writer" Click here.
For The Australian Jewish News article "Child survivor pens a Holocaust Story" Click here.
For Merrick Herald article "Holocaust author comes home" Click here.


"Otterman's willingness to engage creatively with the metaphysical questions raised by the Holocaust should be applauded. "- Marissa Brostoff, The Jewish Daily Forward

"Polish born writer Bernard Otterman portrays the textured worlds of pre, during and post World War II. These are stories of inherent drama, yet there is no exploitation of events here. Often understated, frequently macabre, and somehow wry."Martha Rhodes, Founding Editor and Director of Four Way Books

Here is historical fiction at its finest, concise and penetrating,. Otterman's vivid tales of life during and after history's darkest hour explore complex issues such as complicity, denial, and shame with sensitivity and skill."Joshua M. Greene, author of Justice at Dachau and Witness: Voices from the Holocaust

"A tour de force from a marvelous writer who himself survived the wrath of the Nazis."Harvey Rachlin, author of Lucy's Bones, Sacred Stones and Einstein's Brain

“Holocaust survivor, Bernard Otterman, locates some of his stories in the ghettos and the camps, others in the aftermath of WWII. This double narrative perspective greatly enriches his collection, whose stories are often chilling but always powerful and imaginative. Readers will be captivated by characters they will never forget.” - Patrick Gerard Henry, author of We Only Know Men: The Rescue of Jews in France during the Holocaust

MEDIA CONTACT: For review copies, interviews, and further information,
 Susannah Greenberg, Public Relations, Phone: 646-801-7477,publicity@bookbuzz.com

Kindle Ebook    

New Children's Book "The Spirit of Christmas" Teaches the Joy of Giving

Author Nicky Benson Shares Her Family's Giving Tradition

"The Spirit of Christmas: A Giving Tradition" by Nicky Benson, illustrated by Jason Cockcroft, is a book and gift set for children ages 3-7, published by Tiger Tales Books. It tells the delightful story of a young boy named Drew who receives a “giving bag” from Santa to fill with toys for less fortunate children who would not otherwise receive gifts this year. It includes a giving bag for children to fill with toy donations and a keepsake bell from Santa. A portion of the proceeds from sales benefit the The Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign. This magical tale of the true spirit of Christmas is sure to become a holiday classic of children’s literature.
Kristi’s Book Nook blog reviewed The Spirit of Christmas: “The gift of giving is the best gift of all. With this wonderful story and gift set you can teach your children to be kind and think of those who are less fortunate than they are. . . .This is a very special story and is based on author Nicky Benson's tradition in her family and is gorgeously illustrated by Jason Cockcroft.”
Nicky Benson currently resides in Saint Charles, Illinois with her husband Brad and son, Drew (or ‘The Drewster’ as she affectionately calls him). "The Spirit of Christmas: A Giving Tradition" is her first published book.
The character of Drew is based on her son Drew and the giving bag is family tradition in the Benson family which she shares with readers of this book. “Join me in teaching our children the joy of giving,” says author Nicky Benson, “and keeping the true spirit of Christmas alive.”S
Illustrator Jason Cockroft was born in New Zealand and raised in Leeds, England. He is best known for his internationally acclaimed picture book illustrations and for his cover artwork for the final three Harry Potter books.
The book is available at at Target, Costco, Walmart, Toys R Us, Meijer, ShopKo and booksellers online.
Tiger Tales is an independent publisher of imaginative picture and novelty books for children seven and younger. Whether the story is funny, whimsical, sweet, or sensitive, Tiger Tales books are designed to entertain and educate.

AVAILABILITY: Author Nicky Benson is available nationwide by telephone, email and in Chicago, IL and environs. Travel by arrangement.
CONTACT: Susannah Greenberg, Public Relations, 646-801-7477, publicity@bookbuzz.com

Dreamscape Media Announces "Miracle of Hanukkah" Free Musical Download

Award Winner Mama Doni's Musical Re-Telling of Holiday Story Will Bring Music and Joy to Family Celebrations

CHICAGO, IL--(SGPR - Dec 15, 2014) - To celebrate and recognize the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah which begins on December 16, audiobook and video publisher Dreamscape Media announced today that it is making The Miracle of Hanukkah, a musical re-telling of the holiday story for younger listeners, available as a free download on its website.
The story is but one chapter from the new, exciting and original Dreamscape children's audiobook, Bible Stories and The Miracle of Hanukkah, by Doni Zasloff (Mama Doni), performed by Doni Zasloff, with an original musical score written and performed by Eric Lindberg.
The entire audiobook is available on iTunes, hoopla, Overdrive, Dreamscape and at local libraries.
Bible Stories and The Miracle of Hanukkah listeners will experience new, contemporary and enchanting readings of some of the Bible's most beloved stories by three-time Parents' Choice® Award-winner Doni Zasloff (who performs as Mama Doni). Beautiful storytelling is accompanied by a rich, original musical soundtrack that helps guide young listeners through Biblical history, from the creation story to life on Noah's Ark. Mama Doni and acclaimed instrumentalist Eric Lindberg have created a symphony of story and sound the illuminates these eternal tales in a modern fashion that will delight listeners of all ages.
Stories include: In The Beginning, Adam And Eve, Noah's Ark, Joseph And The Coat Of Many Colors, Queen Esther, and featuring The Miracle Of Hanukkah (Story from the Books of the Maccabees). The audiobook also features two original bonus songs (music and lyrics by Doni Zasloff & Eric Lindberg): Hanukkah Oh Hanukkah, Eight & Hine Mah Tov.
Doni Zasloff (Mama Doni) is an award-winning performer, songwriter, and author. She has released CDs and DVDs, including Chanukah Fever, Shabbat Shaboom, Emunah, Mama Doni's Jewish Holiday Party and The Acoustic Jewish Holiday Collection. She also co-authored the book Get Cooking! Doni is a beloved presence on stage and tours regularly nationwide.

Eric Lindberg is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist who brings his background in Jazz and classical music to the acoustic sounds of bluegrass and old-time music. He works alongside Doni Zasloff as musical director and partner on their recordings and performs throughout the country with her in the acoustic bluegrass duo, Nefesh Mountain.
Dreamscape Media, a division of Midwest Tape, is a media development group focusing on production, distribution, publishing and licensing, with an emphasis on the library/educational market. It produces audiobooks, book-based children's video programs and offers video and audio distribution services. Dreamscape titles can be found in library and retail channels.
hoopla digital® is the innovative new digital library service from Midwest Tape that partners with public libraries to provide online and mobile access to thousands of movies, TV shows, music, and audiobooks, and launching in 2015, eBooks. With hoopla digital, patrons can discover great new titles all from a single mobile app or browser, and instantly stream or download with a valid library card.
Founded in 1989, Midwest Tape, LLC., a privately held library media distribution company based in Holland, Ohio, provides public libraries across the US & Canada with shelf-ready audio and video products as well as a wide variety of business solutions, enabling them to better serve their patrons.
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